Counseling Amarillo Texas

Sandra Perkins, Licensed Professional Counselor, Amarillo TX

Counseling Amarillo Texas

Welcome. By visiting this site, I hope you will discover a little about me and my counseling practice, perspective and services. If you decide you would like to ask a few questions, set up an appointment, or just gain more information about what I do, please feel free to contact me.

Perhaps this is the first time you have considered counseling. Maybe you have talked through some of your problems with someone before. Regardless, it is important to have an understanding of what you are seeking and finding someone to work with you who is a good match for your needs. You may be wondering, just what is counseling? Counseling is not about talking with someone who has all the answers or is an expert who will solve your problems for you. Counseling is also not a one size fits all experience.

A good counseling relationship is based upon a connection. I believe to be heard, honored, and understood free from judgment and supported in making life changes is the key to this work. The counseling relationship creates a space of exploration and discovery used to gain insight and understanding into the struggles of daily living and accumulated pains of life. Through the therapeutic process, we also draw upon the whole person, our deep truths, strengths and gifts that bring value to each person to help create change.

Each of us walk a path individually our own. It is my life’s work to help people gain perspective and empowerment to improve their ability to live a fulfilled life.

My private office is located in the interior courtyard of Red Oak Office Park of Amarillo at 3611 Soncy Road, Suite 5-D. This easily reached location is tucked away in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood, directly across from Ruby Tequilas and Texas Furniture.